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How does the understanding of enneagram translates to client benefits we deliver?

Hey everyone, I can Clavell. I’ve joined the financial industry in 2019 though through an internship called Crème Internship.

In one of our networking sessions, my mentor noticed that I took a huge interest in personal development along with building good and meaningful relationships with people and my clients. From there, she introduced me to Enneagram and that I could use my SkillsFuture credits to take up the 2 days introductory course on Enneagram. With no hesitation, I signed myself up immediately and after the course I felt that Enneagram was really beneficial to me for my work as I could use it to build more meaningful relationships with my clients.

Enneagram definitely allows one to gain deeper understanding of one’s personality, core motivations as well as fears and that will bring substantial self-awareness into the picture. Subsequently, one would then be able to better develop oneself into a better person as well as achieving one’s untapped potential. With all these in place, one would no doubt have a sharper perception, communication with people will be more effective and will be able to make the most out of human diversity. Naturally, one’s relationships with people will improve and that would also lead to career development as well. Enneagram does not only focus on one’s strengths, it puts its focus on one’s weaknesses which is equally important as sometimes it is merely an undiscovered strength and this enables one to improve in all areas of one’s personality.

After the advance Enneagram course, I am certified as a Accredited Enneagram Practitioner and will be getting certified as a Enneagram Coach very soon. I hope to bring the best out of everyone that I meet in the future and to motivate and inspire them to be the best version of themselves. Every individual has different strengths and weaknesses and different solutions will be implemented for each and every unique individual as the saying goes “Different strokes for different folks”. We often are unable to identify our own strengths and weakness and that is when I will help individuals to develop to their fullest potential. Understanding Enneagram also allows one to realise one’s financial habits and how they can make their financial decisions in a more optimal way. I do give free coaching sessions to any individual that is hungry to seek for personal development. The coaching session will allow me to accurately identify your Enneagram Type and wing along with your positive and negative traits of all the other types. This will then benefit you in terms of understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Do feel free to pm me on Instagram, @clavell_koh, to ask me anything related to Enneagram or finance.

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